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Choregraphed by: Bonnie Curtis (Bonnie Curtis Projects)
Performed by: Ina Margrethe Borch, Bonnie Curtis, Kate Garrett, Bernadett Lorincz, Anna McCulla, Bae McKibbin, Jessie Rochford-Barber, Steph Wyburn
Music: 'I Wanna Touch Your Soul' GALLI D/BENASSI A

An interactive testing of the new TX-1000 Prototype.

Your Place

Choreographed and performed by: Renata Commisso

Music written and performed by: Joshua Winestock

Theatre advisor: Kirsty Kiloh

Dialogue advisor: Anna Greig

'The sense of belonging that is often expressed as a profound feeling of attachment.' The commodity of land and the small things we treasure. I'm curious to explore what we own and how it contributes to our sense of belonging and the relationships to our surroundings. Does it make up who we are? How do we 'belong' without them? Exploring the connection and relationships around this commodity and what is it we can learn from the Aboriginal people that help us feel worthy enough to live without this feeling of attachment.


Choreographed by: Katrina Carter 

Performaned by: Katrina Carter, Kristie Hood, Rachel Galea Berg, Melissa Findlay Cooper, Annalise Buttitta

Music: 'Innerbloom' Rufus

Legacy explores the way mentors inspire us to pursue our passions, dreams and faith despite the demands of the everyday and mundane aspects of our existence. This can be seen tangibly in the work, as a glimmer of light or hope that we carry and share with others throughout our lives.This work is dedicated to the memory of my Grandfather Douglas Frew and the legacy of his faith that he so devoutly lived for and shared with his family and the wider community.

Take a Seat

Choreographed by: Kate Garrett

Performed by: Kate Garrett, Bonnie Curtis, Steph Wyburn, Ina Borch, Bae McKibbin 

Composed by: Gavin Angus-Leppan 

Music: 'Two themes for Rey / Sam Petty + Thom Kellar' The Rover Soundtrack, 'The day I would never have' Deaf Center / Owl Splinters

‘Take a Seat’ is a dance piece that looks at the monotony of the everyday office work rush. The dancers experiment with pushing boundaries, showing their individuality within the group. But how do we respond to those around us stepping out of line? Does it make us uncomfortable, or does it push us to desire greater freedom ourselves? As the daily repetition turns individuals into robots, are we sacrificing our individuality, and what would happen if we let the more expressive or creative side of us free?


Choreographed & Performed by: Emma Harrison

Music: 'Misty' Lesley Gore

Seeing as a woman; being seen as a woman


Choreographed by: Jay Bailey 

Performed by: Mikalya Bayliss, Jay and Bailey

Music: 'Letter' Garth Stevenson, 'Father' Garth Stevenson, 'Flying' Garth Stevenson, 'Inebria' Jon DeRosa, 'The Ice (feels Three Feet Thick Between Us)' Jon DeRosa

Set designed

The Trek is snippets of Hanging Around Co's longer work, To The Top. With it's iconic imagery and DIY set, we hope to take you on a journey to an imagery place, far from your theatre seats. We dream of making it the top. We dream of success and grandeur. Suspended in a fantasy we are fighting for a fleeting moment. What we live however is the journey. Every step, every setback, every second spent in a relentless trudge forward...upward... onward.

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