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A non-exhaustive list of past events presented at ACAC

  • Make Art Week - Creating and connecting with artists of all disciplines Australia-wide in an online event in place of Sydney Artists Retreat, Creative Conversations and other cancelled events (September 2021)

  • breath gatherings (launched February 2021; meeting weekly)

  • #ChangetheHeart at ACAC - One of our most senior Aboriginal Christian Leaders, Aunty Jean Phillips, leads a nation of gatherings to pray in unison to #ChangeTheHeart on the evening before January 26. Supported by Common Grace; a unique, national service led by Aboriginal Christian Leaders is simulcast on television, online and radio (January 2021)

  • Advent Meditations - setting aside some time in the lead-up to Christmas to resist the chaos and pressure of the times by embracing stillness, silence and rest (December 2020)

  • Make Art Week (September 2020)

  • Bhakti Yoga and Meditation with Naomi & Joshua Pryde (July 2020)

  • Participation in Annandale Festival of Lights community event (June 2020)

  • Make Art Week (May 2020)

  • Bushfire Relief Dance Party with 343 Brass Band. Presented by 343 Brass Band & ACAC. Proceeds went to RFS NSW, RSPCA NSW and Red Cross (January 2020)

  • Woven: A Faith For the Dissatisfied - Sydney book launch with author Joel McKerrow (November 2019)

  • Creative Conversations - Land: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Visual and performing artists present new work created in conversation with the theme, joined by a panel of experts and with a Welcome to Country by Gadigal elder Uncle Ray Davison (September 2019)

  • Wonderland - A one-of-a-kind, interactive experience that suspends the limits of imagination and reality. By Bonnie Curtis Projects (August 2019)

  • Sydney Artists Retreat - Artists and creatives alike are invited to retreat to the beautiful Blue Mountains for several days of art making, community and rest (July 2019)

  • Common Grace Event: The Story of Us, presented by Common Grace and ACAC. Following Jesus and seeking justice in the lead up to the 2019 Federal Election (March 2019)

  • Creative Conversations - The Role of Creativity in Social Transformation: Forum & Workshop Series (September 2018)

  • Sydney Artists Retreat (July 2018)

  • Colleen O'Connell and The Watershed Unplugged - An intimate night of stories in song (May 2018)

  • Platform Shorts - An evening of contemporary dance works from a variety of seasoned and emerging choreographers (April 2018)

  • Sydney Presbytery Songwriters Network - An evening to share and listen to original worship songs coming out of Sydney churches (March 2018)

  • Tripelpunkt - A triple bill of original dance works by Bonnie Curtis Projects (February 2018)

  • Helen Wright 'Heartcries' Album Launch at Newtown Mission (October 2017)

  • Creative Conversations - Global Neighbours: Fair Share? In our current global context, is Australia doing their 'fair share' in foreign aid, in refugee intake, in consumption and sustainability? Artists bring their unique perspective to the conversation, joined by a panel of experts. All money raised went to 350Pacific and the Pacific Climate Warriors (September 2017)

  • GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS - a double bill of original dance works by Bonnie Curtis Projects (September 2017)

  • Johnston Street Jazz launches at ACAC. Formerly Colbourne Ave (meeting weekly since May 2017)

  • Sydney Artists Retreat (April 2017)

  • Platform Shorts (March 2017)

  • Place and Movement with RockSaltArts. An evening of dance|music|film|story exploring what it means to belong to a place and the impact of, and reasons for wandering from that place (October 2016)

  • Theatre - Word Made Flesh: The Uncommon Life and Execution of Jesus of Nazareth. Five actors push the expressive potential of the body to reimagine the familiar tale in unfamiliar ways. Proceeds went to UNHCR (August 2016)

  • Artists Way Courses (July - September annually; launched in July 2016, last on in 2023)

  • Creative Conversations - Women of the World: Access Denied. Visual and Performing artists present new work in response to injustices faced by women globally and are joined by a panel of experts. Proceeds go to Hope for Health (July 2016)

  • Sydney Artist Retreat (April 2016)

  • Platform Shorts - Part of Sydney Fringe. Featuring guest choreographer Kay Armstrong (September 2015)

  • Creative Conversations - Asylum Seekers: A Temporary Life. 40 visual and performing artists and their collaborators create responses to the theme 'A Temporary Life', engaging with stories, articles, media, organisations, politics and their own lived experience. Culminating in an exhibition, a Three Poets Speak event and 2 nights of new performances with a panel of speakers. Proceeds go to the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown (July 2015)

  • Sydney Artists Retreat - (April 2015)

  • Creative Conversations - Earth Hour: Creative Conversations on Climate Change. 20 visual and performing artists and their collaborators respond to current issues around climate change. Artists joined by a panel of expert speakers (March 2015)

  • Platform Shorts - Featuring guest choreographers Alejandro Rolandi and LeeAnne Litton of Strings Attached. Part of Sydney Fringe and presented by Annandale Creative Arts Centre (September 2014)

  • Creative Conversations - Boundless Plains: Creative Conversations with Asylum Seekers. A visual art exhibition opening, followed by arts performances and a forum on issues facing asylum seekers in Australia, including opportunities to get involved and respond to the issues, with proceeds going to the Newtown Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (August 2014)

  • Platform Shorts - Part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. Presented by Annandale Creative Arts Centre, Newtown Mission and CDFA (September 2013)

  • ACAC Art Studio opened (July 2013)

  • The Meeting Place launches (monthly; February 2013 - Dec 2020)

  • Earth Hour - A fun community event with live, candlelit, unplugged performances and opportunites to reflect on our impact on the environment (March 2013)

  • Strings Attached - Aerial Dance Courses (Jan 2013 - present)

  • Platform Shorts - part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. Winner; Sydney Fringe Best Dance Performance 2012 (Sept 2012)

  • The Grapevine - Nights of innovative and captivating poetry, music and dance, brought to you by The Strawberry Switchblade and Annandale Creative Arts Centre (June, July, October 2011; April, May, October, November 2012)

  • Platform Shorts - A Contemporary Dance Showing (Jan 2012)

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