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Annandale Creative Arts Centre invites dancers to submit an expression of interest to develop and perform a new work by this year’s guest choreographer Kay Armstrong.



PERFORMANCE DATES:  10-12th of September


REHEARSAL PERIOD*: 13th July - 9th September




Kay Armstrong is an award winning Western Sydney based solo artist who works across both the dance and community arts sectors. Her work traverses contemporary performance, live art, video art and dance.


Lo-fi, self-reflexive and shambolic, Kay’s live performance works frequently entwine both the tragic and humorous, gently playing with the space between performer and observer. She is interested in how the "I" becomes "We" and what is at stake in this transaction. In whatever context or medium she is working in her prime motivation is always meaning - how it is made, transplanted, cajoled, borrowed, stripped, altered and finally laid bare.


She is currently interested in exploring new ways to engage with her audience, this includes exploring the notion of play and unpacking orthodox performer/audience expectations and relationships. She builds her solo work through improvisation and performance scores that are apt to change, inflate, shrink or completely disappear when in the space with an audience. This is not about not caring about the work, but more about the work being about being with an audience. Her works slip between dance and text, stand-up comedy, autobiography and social commentary.


Her work has been seen locally, interstate and overseas.


To find out more about Kay visit:




Somewhere in our conversations and play we will find the work together. We don’t know what it is yet, but it’s waiting for us. What we do know is that it definitely won’t be a conventional dance piece with steps. It will use elements of movement, installation, film and spoken word. It will be as much you, as it is me. I have some ideas of where it might be hiding, but I need you to help me find it. It’s looking forward to meeting us.




Dancers must be over the age of 18 years.

I am interested in working with people, not technicians. I would love to work with people who

  • Have a sense of humour

  • Have a broad understanding and interest in performance (not just dance).

  • Confident with delivering text

  • Confident with generating both text and movement

  • Confident with improvisation and task based play

  • Previous collaborative experience

  • Advanced movement / theatre / or contemporary training (or a mix of all)



Please complete the EOI form by the midnight Sunday 28th June deadline to be considered for the project.


What’s in the form?


- Name

- Contact details

- 200 word biography

- Indication of availability for rehearsal periods

- Completion of creative task




The work needs some information about you.

The work has asked me to forward these questions to you. Answer all of them or just one of them.

How do you answer? Creatively.


Hello I am the work. I know we are strangers at the moment but we could become very close very soon.

What do you think of me?

What will our relationship be like?

What would you like me to be?

Sell yourself to me, like you’re a tropical holiday package.

I am excited to meet you, how would you describe yourself in three words so that I know it’s really you and not someone pretending to be you.


Phone the number below and leave a voicemail message. State your name clearly then leave your response to one or all of the questions below. You can only phone once. You only have as long as the voicemail message allows. (between 4 – 5 mins)


Phone No: 0406 543 707


EOI DEADLINE :  Sunday 28th June midnight.



or type



Mon 13 July / 5 – 8pm

Sat 18 July / 2 – 5pm

Sat 25 July / 2 - 5pm

Sat 1 Aug / 2 – 5pm

Sun 2 Aug / 4 – 7pm

Sat 8 Aug / 2 – 5pm

Sat 22 Aug / 2 – 5pm

Sun 23 Aug / 3 – 6pm

Sat 29 Aug / 2 – 5pm  

Sat Sept 5 / 2 – 6pm,

Sun Sept 6 / 3 – 7pm

and you will be required to attend a tech/dress run as well as all of the performances.

Dates/times TBC for production week beginning Sept 7th.




Platform Shorts will present its fifth season as part of the 2015 Sydney Fringe Festival in the beautiful heritage site of Annandale Creative Arts Centre.

Produced by Annandale Creative Arts Centre (ACAC) with the support of Newtown Mission, ACAC is committed to presenting contemporary dance to develop audiences, artists and the community. ACAC’s continued support of the program provides an affordable option for the dance community to be part of the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Platform Shorts offers emerging and established artists a platform to present short works of 10 mins or less to audiences with production management and costs covered through the generous support of ACAC. Platform Shorts is a diverse dance platform offering artists the chance to develop work in this unique venue. It is an opportunity network with other artist and present work.

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