About Platform Shorts




Platform Shorts offers emerging and established artists a platform to present short works of 10 mins or less to audiences with production management and costs covered through the generous support of ACAC. Platform Shorts is a diverse dance platform offering artists the chance to develop work in this unique venue. It is an opportunity to gain feedback through the process, network with other artist and present work.


Platform Shorts will present its seventh season at the beautiful heritage site of Annandale Creative Arts Centre.

Produced by Annandale Creative Arts Centre (ACAC) with the support of Newtown Mission, ACAC is committed to presenting contemporary dance to develop audiences, artists, and the community. ACAC’s continued support of the program provides an affordable option for the dance community to create new works.


Platform Shorts Seasons:

April 2018

March 2017

September 2015

September 2014

September 2013

September 2012

January 2012



Solo excerpt from HOOKED.jpg
Kay Armstrong 'If we are mad'.jpg
On the hearth, a fire burns
In Between
The Catch Up
Solo excerpt from HOOKED
Boundless Plains


'To the Top' by Jay Bailey
'To the Top' by Jay Bailey
'To the Top' by Jay Bailey
'To the Top' by Jay Bailey
'SOLA' by Debora Di Centa
'SOLA' by Debora Di Centa
'SOLA' by Debora Di Centa
'Is this Love?' by Bonnie Curtis
Within the Mist' by Corinne Urquhart